Discover Salento

coast.jpgIn the middle of a countryside teeming with olive groves, facing an infinite expanse of sea, a white stone wall announces the arrival at Casa Ionia. The rigor and sobriety of four antique pajare, expressions of a simple and relaxed lifestyle, ensure an unforgettable stay.

Salento Romantico. When my father mentioned to me the proposed name of our property, I was a little perplexed. Only later did I realized that Romantico really translates to Emotion... distancing oneself from the daily theater of life and returning to embrace the essential.

A solitary place, forgotten by all but nature. Magic and suggestive. Casa Ionia is to gaze at the stars in the silence of the night and to discover really how many crickets sing among the trees and the infinite sky. Casa Ionia is a haven for stretching out on the rooftops and watching the sun rise over the sea.

At the end of Italy, in the extreme South of Puglia, on the final border of Salento, earth connected to the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Normans, Turks.

Le Pajare

A comforting refuge, Cefalonia is a large loft decorated with the testimonials of an ancient voyager - silver vases, timepieces…
Zante, a small yet fascinating pajara, is characterized by a luminous tint of blue and is nestled among subtle green…
A large pajara with an ample view of the sea and a spacious terrace, Paxos is the accommodation for those…
Characterized by shades of green, Corfù is an homage to Greece and its colors. Accommodates two people.…